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Jenn MacCormack

Mother, Educator, and Author

My Life in Words

I am a mother of three children and an Early Childhood Educator for Pre-Primary at Mountainview Elementary in Howie Center, Cape Breton Island. I have a Writing Certificate, an ECE Diploma, and a BA in Child and Youth Development from Mount Saint Vincent University.

I have been working in the Child Care Industry for over twenty years and have a passion for children and writing. I am also a member of the Canadian Author's Association of Canada.

"A Place to Call Home" was my first publication! My second children's books was  released in April called Sawyer's Magic Pen, as well as my first chapter book for adults called Pockets of Time that's just been released in May 2021!  Click on "New Releases" below for information how to order!

"A Place to Call Home" is my first publication! I'm working on my next book set to be released this summer!

A Place to Call Home

Soft Cover $12.99
Hard Cover $20


     Mally had everything a duck could ever want. He was wild and free and his home in the sky was filled with endless adventures. But Mally was sad. He was tired of migrating and wanted to find a home where he could live all year round. Was there such a place?  

     Follow Mally's journey as he searches for somewhere he can call his forever home and find out if he discovers the true happiness he's been longing for.

Available Now!
on Amazon, Blurb Bookstore, Indigo in the Mayflower Mall in Sydney, NS and Best of Cape Breton Gift Shop in Sydney River.

Or you can order your signed copy directly from me by clicking the link above!

Children's Books by Jenn MacCormack

Sawyer's Magic Pen

Soft Cover $10

Hard Cover $20

Sawyer finds a magic pen in the Cape Breton Regional library where Grandpa works. Grandpa tells him to be careful because anything he draws will come to LIFE.
Sawyer begins drawing things he always wanted at home and at Open Hearth Park in Sydney, but he quickly learns this wasn't the best idea! Can Grandpa help fix this mess?

Available Now!
on Amazon, Blurb Bookstore, and Best of Cape Breton Gift Shop in Sydney River.

Or you can order your signed copy directly from me by clicking the link above!